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The land surrounding Siberia’s Ukok Plateau is vast.  Harsh in the winter, the region of Altai Krai is home to the Altai Mountains and the Ob River and her estuaries.  The plateau descends into the Pazyryk Valley, which contains ancient kurgans (burial mounds) in the style of the Scythian peoples who inhabited the area in…
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Woven History’s projects in Pakistan involve Turkmen, Uzbek, Hazara, and Tadjik refugees, all of whom are from Afghanistan. These people are, historically, some of the finest weavers. We provide the materials (wool, dyes, etc.,) designs, color combinations, sizes, and quality. Most of the designs are traditional, which we revive, including the Pazyryk, the oldest known…
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Shirvan Kilim

Finely woven, this beautiful rug boasts a vintage design that includes geometric motifs and elegant stripes. With fringe details, this rug will add a stylish presence that guarantees an upscale style. Ideal for welcoming guests, this rug makes an immediate impact to the home.