About Us

Woven History opened its doors on December 1, 1995 at 311 7th Street, SE, next to the historic Eastern Market, seven blocks from the US Capitol. Mehmet Yalcin, the proprietor, had been selling at the Eastern Market since 1986. After purchasing the next two row houses in November 1997, Woven History moved into the newly purchased building on 313-315 7th Street, SE and 311 7th Street was then converted into what is now the Silk Road, which completes Woven History as the gift shop offering tribal and village arts, gifts, antiques, jewelry and furniture from every country along the fabled Silk Road.

Our aim is to provide the finest quality tribal, village and urban carpets at the best possible prices.

We periodically organize events, such as our "Concerts on the Hill Series," when we invite musicians from along the Silk Road to perform at Woven History & Silk Road.

We also organize art exhibits, such as the one at the headquarters of the World Bank group in Washington, DC on "Contemporary and Traditional Art from Georgia," which we co-sponsored with the World Bank and the Embassy of Georgia in February 2007. Some of our products have been used for a documentary on Ancient Qushan Weddings by the National Geographic Society.

Dr. Yalcin specializes on Inner Asian & Altaic Studies and he lectures on Central Asia. He also lectures on carpets and textiles on the premises as well as at the Textile Museum.

Appraising, Repairing, Cleaning, and Acquiring

We offer appraising and have our in-house repairman. We take antique carpets to Istanbul for restoration, where master restorers do the restoration. Additionally, we do our own cleaning in the traditional manner. We also buy and sell.

New Shipments

Woven History and Silk Road receive shipments several times a year from different parts of the World.

Custom Design

Woven History offers you the possibility to apply your creativity. We offer custom design so long as we are provided with the design, size, color combination and quality desired. However, as it is, we do have something for everyone at any time at Woven History.


We also wholesale. Since we produce, import, and wholesale, we do not deal with middlemen or suppliers. This makes our prices more competitive. Please contact us!

Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. | 311-315 7th Street | Washington, DC 20003 | p: 202.543.1705 | e: wovenhi@erols.com
Store Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm