The following links have been compiled to help in your research on textiles or the Silk Road. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to arrange for a link exchange with your site or add additional sites of interest to our selection.


The Silk Road Project - Led by Artistic Director Yo-Yo Ma and a distinguished international team of musicians, artists and scholars, the Silk Road Project is designed to illuminate the historical contributions of the Silk Road, support innovative collaborations among artists from Asia, Europe and North America, and explore classical music within a broader global context.

The Silk Road Dance Company - The Silk Road Dance Company was founded by Artistic Director Laurel Victoria Gray in 1995. Their repertoire celebrates the delightful dance traditions and sumptuous costumes of cultures along the fabled trade route.


The Silk Road Foundation - A very informative site about the history, cultures, etc. along the Silk Road, including additional links.

Himalayan Art - The purpose of the Himalayan Art Project is to exhibit and catalog Himalayan and Tibetan art from collections around the world - excellent links page.

Hali Magazine - The main international magazine for connoisseurs of textile and Islamic arts.

The Textile Museum - The Textile Museum is dedicated to furthering the understanding of mankind's creative achievements in the textile arts and is located in Washington, D.C. - The largest reference source of oriental rug and textile books.

The Hajji Baba Club - The Hajji Baba Club serves as a venue for sharing information among members of the world's oldest club for rug collectors, and with visitors who are interested in things related to oriental rugs.

Turkotek - TurkoTek is a noncommercial site devoted to collectible weavings where rug enthusiasts can connect.

Jozan - Jozan is a Scandinavian web-site and digital magazine about oriental rugs and carpets.


Silk Road Tours - Silk Road Tours organizes trips to the countries along the Silk Road and is the largest tour organization specializing in countries along the ancient trade route. They are registered as a Tour Operator based in West Vancouver B.C. and are a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) , ACTA (Alliance of Canadian Travel Agencies), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

China On Your Mind Travel Services - China On Your Mind Travel Services is a one-stop company and will meet all your travel needs to China

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