Featured Rugs

Shirvan Kilim

A kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Persian Empire, including Iran, Azerbaijan, the Balkans and the Turkic countries of Central Asia. This kilim, made in the Shirvan area of the southern Caucasus (present-day Azerbaijan). One of truly antique collectible pieces we have. All natural dyed and hand washable. 
Size: 6'4"x10'2"

Caucasian Sumak

Soumak (also spelled Soumakh, Sumak, Sumac, or Soumac) is a tapestry technique of weaving strong and decorative textiles used as rugs and domestic bags. By using strong points of red and blue, the artist is able to convey a clear sense of opulence and luxury in this Caucasian rug. 
Size: 9'0"x13'6"

Tibetan Pile Rug

During the weaving process, the craftsmen utilize the knife tool to cut yarn looped around the iron rod, which is a tool unique to Tibetan weavers. The iron rod allows the area rug to have a ridge-like surface, which is a distinctive trait of Tibetan carpets. Tibetan rugs can be very "cozy" when you walk on it. This is our own production piece from Nepal, done by Tibetan refugees, with design of oldest known carpet in history "Pazyryk".
Size: 10'0"x10'7"

Hereke Rug

Hereke carpets are Turkish handmade carpets produced and sold in Hereke. For a long time it used to be only produced in Hereke, a coastal town in Turkey, 60 km from Istanbul. The materials used are silk, a combination of wool and cotton and sometimes gold or silver threads. The precision of their double knots (Turkish or Ghiordes knots), which allows the clear display of patterns, together with the colour combinations and the harmonious patterns have made them highly collectible.
Size: 9'11"x13'7"


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